Saturday, July 21, 2007

Chain Of Command

He said:

Follow My command...

Take the thicker chain in your hand, ball it up, and
rub it slowly over your exposed sex.

I want your wetness on the chain, then lick it clean.
Taste yourself upon it.

Then hard fast and quick, bring yourself off.

... how could i refuse...?


Farmwife said...

Who was that? Who was that?

Rob said...

hehe, I think someone has a chain of thoughts, about... chains ;)

Nice poem!

/ Rob

dragonfly said...

You could not of course! I think I need to take a trip to the hardware store....


trinity-pup said...

farmwife - *giggles* i'm not saying... (but it was great wasn't it?!)

rob - sounds like it...BUT this time, NOT a poem! (that will get you wondering!) ;-)

dragonfly - so good to see you once again, go check out the store soon!! :-)

t. x

Dark Pixie said...

i know that i could not refuse...not even sure i would want to!


trinity-pup said...

my thoughts exactly DP! ;-)

katie said...

can i echo farmwife "who was that???"

trinity-pup said...

*smiles* hehehe, i'm not saying... ;-)

t. x