Tuesday, July 31, 2007

i'm Back... And i'm Rockin'!

i'm baaaaaaack!!! It seems that i've been missed which is lovely, firstly thank you! i am sure you're all keen to hear about my weekend of playtime and i will write about it soon, when i've given myself enough time to contemplate and think about what i want to share here. It was good fun though, so please be patient!

For now, as promised in my last post, i need to thank my wonderful blogger friend, who i am proud to call my sister pup, brooke, over at Puppy Tales, for tagging me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger! Well i have to say i'm VERY honoured and it makes me realise just how proud i am of my blog. It's still very new in terms of the blogging world, being just 7 months old. i do love writing it and with each post, it makes me happier. i only wish i had included a web tracker/counter at the beginning, as i only decided to add one 2 weeks ago. In that time, i've had over 2,000 hits and i just can't believe it! So thank you to everyone who has passed by, read a post or two, given me a hug, and more recently fed my fish. An EXTRA SPECIAL HUGE THANK YOU to those who have taken the time to leave a comment and who are now very special to me (and you all know who you are!). Can someone pass me a tissue?!

So i do believe i now have to tag another 5 female bloggers... and uh oh... that's where i am in trouble, as i believe all those fabulous girlies who i currently read have already been tagged! i know that brooke refrained from tagging DL's toy (and i do understand why), but just hope it would be OK, with the kind permission of DL, if i could tag her. her blog is one of the first (and finest) i came across (not literally!), all thanks to another good blogger friend Beau (take a peek if you've not met Him). Having such admiration for toy, as well as gaining so much inspiration (and wetness!) from all that she writes about within her amazing D/s relationship. she truly ROCKS (with a capital R) and so that's why i'm tagging DL's toy (and i only hope it's allowed!)

It's good to be back and i promise to post again soon!

P.S. i've made a guest appearance in Ron Jazz's Harem... go and take a look to read what a hussy i can be!) :-o

Friday, July 27, 2007

Off The Leash...

It's playtime for this pup..... yes you read that right. i'm going away for a few days and it could mean some fun for me (well here's hoping!). So be good whilst i'm gone and maybe, just maybe i'll have something to write about in my next post! ;-)

P.S. i've not forgotten i've been tagged as a Rockin' Girl Bloggger by my wonderful puppy sister, brooke (thank you sweetie!), so i gotta think on who i can tag!

So i'm off the leash, so to speak... (even though i'm not on one in the first place!)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

No Escape

Being caged is one thing, being restrained is another... but wearing fishnets on your head too?! (well that's what it looks like to me).

Arousing? Torturous?

Your views please...

Monday, July 23, 2007


A smacker,
a smooch,
a peck,
a snog.

Whatever you call it...

... it's a kiss...

... and it's what i miss... (a lot)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Chain Of Command

He said:

Follow My command...

Take the thicker chain in your hand, ball it up, and
rub it slowly over your exposed sex.

I want your wetness on the chain, then lick it clean.
Taste yourself upon it.

Then hard fast and quick, bring yourself off.

... how could i refuse...?

Puppy's Catsuit

Fancy that...

(and yes... it is me...)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Chain me

Always on the look-out for wonderfully erotic images, this has just caught my eye, as well as made me think of ideas for my newly acquired chains...

Just need someone to practice with... or should i say, practice on me... ;-)

Monday, July 16, 2007


On all fours You make me crawl,
in my mouth a ball gag forces me to drool.

On my knees You order me to beg,
on each breast You clip a peg (or two).

Around my wrists You bind thick rope,
over my body Your wandering hands grope.

On my front You plug my tight butt,
on my back i am Your horny slut (again).

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Puppy Let Loose In A Chain Store

i think i've mentioned in previous posts, how much i love the sound and feel of chains. Not that i've had any real-life experience with any before (i'm a rope kind of pup), but i thought it was about time to add some to my toybox. i decided to wander down to my local DIY store and what an adventure it turned out to be... it might be a while before i visit again!

Well i found the 'Ropes and Chains' aisle fairly easily and there before me was an array of chains, in varying gauges and materials. It was a true feast and i could feel myself getting excited just at the sight of them. After looking at them for some time, i then realised i didn't know how long a metre was (as they are sold per metre). i thought it might help in deciding what length i'd need for... erm... hanging baskets... (well that was my story if i got asked!)

Heading off to the next aisle, i found a very helpful mature store assistant (he had white hair) who kindly showed me the length of a metre with a measure. Thanking him, i returned to my aisle and finally decided on a couple of different chains - 2 metres of each, but in 1 metre lengths. It was then that i spotted the deadly metal cutter necessary to cut the chains to their required length and the sign 'only store assistants may operate this machine' (uh oh!) and i could feel my heart was beginning to beat a little faster.

Luckily for me, there was an assistant just along the aisle who was finishing off cutting some rope for another 'customer'. He walked up to me, smiling and i indicated my selected chains. i think i made some sort of small talk, like "i think a metre is quite long, isn't it"(?!!). He kept smiling at me and i couldn't stop smiling back, whilst thinking 'i wonder what he thinks i'm buying these for!' (think...hanging baskets... oh yes!).

With the 4 lengths of chains in my hands, i thanked him and disappeared down a different aisle, becoming just another anonymous shopper. Right so on to find the padlocks... what's the use of chains without them?! i wandered around the store, trying to locate them and came to stop to look at some rather cool brightly coloured measuring tapes (no idea why as i didn't need one), to hear this voice behind me ask "are you looking for a measure?". Turning round, i saw the mature white-haired assistant standing there, and then he said "oh it's you!" (like i was his neighbour or something). Smiling, he looked down at the chains in my hands, as i said "i'm looking for padlocks now" and with this, he promptly escorted me to the right aisle! i just wanted to hide at that moment. i felt incredibly guilty, vulnerable, all sorts of emotions. It was like everyone in the store knew why i was there!

Selecting a couple of small padlocks, i decided i'd had enough of DIY for one day and went in search of the friendliest looking cashier. Finding her, i saw there was only one other woman completing her purchase. Hurriedly, i put the chains and padlocks down on the counter, with my money (in cash) ready for a speedy getaway. Well it certainly wasn't because she had to get the reference catalogue out (a huge book!) to find the right item code for pricing the chains (and they must sell about 20 different kinds!). This took another few minutes as she double-checked the style and gauge, ensuring she didn't over/under-charge me (i couldn't have cared less at this point). By this time, i had an audience of about 4 others in the queue, all watching me! The whole irony of this, is that i could have been ordered to do this by a Dom, when in fact i did it of my own accord (currently being an unowned pup). Is there such a thing as self-humiliation?!

i'm sure my face was a picture when i left the store, as i couldn't stop grinning to myself, but i got my chains! Half of them are pictured below, in my 'chained heart':

In time, i hope for them to be put to good use, but that's another post... (i said i hope...)

Now... where's my hanging baskets...

Friday, July 13, 2007

An Addendum.... "my Blue Heart"

The words for my last post came into my head out of the blue and i wanted to share them on here (i'm going through a poetic phase). Please know that i'm feeling good and more positive for the future, even if my heart has been through some tough times of late.

Thank you for the lovely comments... they've made me feel all warm inside.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

my Blue Heart

my blue heart lies still within me,
waiting to beat once more... and one day it will.

In time its hue shall fade
and a crimson tint will filter through.

Only then may i begin to feel its warmth,
hear the sound of my heartbeat
and know that i am alive... again.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Are my seams straight?

i can never quite tell...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Come With Me

Your arms envelop my waist.
Your fingers tease my nipples.
Your kisses caress my neck.
Your tongue invades my mouth.
Your body pins me against the wall.
Your hardness delves deep inside me.

As You come, You command my own delicious climax.
You watch me tremble in compliance.
You let me drop to my knees.
Your hand keeps hold of my collar.
Your eyes look down upon me.
You smile, as You stroke my hair, and say:

"Such a slut... you are My slut puppy."

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Away In trinity-land: Part 2 (In A Purple Haze)

my earlier post was meant as an enjoyable treat for all who follow my blog (and a very warm welcome to those new faces who have visited recently). i thought you might like to indulge in a little more of my purpleness...

... still waiting for my matching collar though... :-)

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Sssshhhh.... don't say you've seen me!!!

i'm in hiding from His pet and Beau... and the anal hook...
(just so kind?!)