Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Please Leave A Message After The Bark...

i'm taking off for some time away... i'll be back in a few days (and no, it's NOT with Beau!).

Please don't worry, i've got someone to look after my cat... ;-)

Be good!

trinity (aka Pink) x


beau said...

I wonder if we were in the same place?

*looks for spots of mud on the carpet*

B xxxx

PS Hope you had fun - wherever you were!!!!

dragonfly said...

do not stay away too long...

trinity-pup said...

*smiles* Beau, can You see any mud on me?! ;-)

i had a great time thanks and will be writing again soon.

Hope You had fun too!

t. x

trinity-pup said...

dragonfly, you'll be glad to know i am back now! :-)

t. x