Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pink Puppy

Hello, my name's Pink... i mean trinity...erm...no hang on... Pink Puppy!

If i've confused you dear reader, please check out His pet's latest post (thank you hun!) and all will be explained! i'm loving the comparison by the way, but i'd love to hear your views.

Who knew?! Let's get the party started...!


His pet said...

Pink Puppy! That is great. Okay. i can tell i totally got you wrong (by your reaction) when i picked Pink to be you. So who are you really like? Hints? Come on...

As i commented to you earlier i really like Pink and i like you even more! i think you are original and not afraid to do your own thing. That's why you reminded me of her (plus it didn't hurt that you told me you don't like the color Pink...hee hee).

Now we just need to get you a pink collar...i'll see what i can dig up.

trinity-pup said...

Woof! Well it was great to be compared to her, even if i hate the colour pink!

Thank you for the fab compliments hun. i really like you too. It feels like you're taking me under your paw, so to speak, and its a nice feeling (especially as an unowned pup at the moment). But a pink collar?!! :-o

So who am i like... well it could be Julianne Moore (have you heard of her?), mainly for her looks, with her auburn hair (which i've picked for a hair colour in the past) and her pale skin. Pretty sexy i'd say! ;-)

i'm just trying to think of someone to compare you with...let me have a think...

t. x

His pet said...

Of course i have heard of her, she is beautiful! How lovely you must be. Do you have freckles? YUM!!!

Okay, no pink collar (i want to keep mine anyway...hee hee). i am such a girl!

i can't wait to see what you come up with for me. How fun.