Thursday, June 14, 2007

i Can Feel A Rainbow

Red cheeks, stinging and raw, as i receive a hard caning from Your hand

Yellow ropes, securely binding my body - my breasts, waist, wrists and ankles

Pink heart-shaped plug pushed deep inside my bottom (see my Valentine post)

Green eyes pleading for mercy, as i look up into Your eyes

Purple nipples, throbbing and sore, as the metal clamps bite

Orange ball gag, the taste of rubber invading my mouth, but keeping me silent

Blue collar, thick leather buckled tightly around my neck, complete with matching leash.

i love rainbows...


His pet said...

What a clever girl! That was beautiful!

beau said...

I love rainbows too.

I was trying to decide on my favourite colour - but I decided I loved them all ...

B xxxxxxxxxxxxxx