Tuesday, June 12, 2007

(Wembley) Arch Of Light

Some light let itself into my life at the weekend (as well as making history), when i saw George Michael at Wembley on Saturday. It was a brilliant night and the whole show was very special, especially as a fan for the last 25 years this concert was all for celebrating. The new stadium is pretty awesome and i guess worth all the delays in the end.

Good things really do come to those who wait...


Anonymous said...

Do you see my candle?

beau said...

I'm so plased you liked it t.

The pictures look amazing.

B xx

His pet said...

Yay! i am so happy for your little ray of light. i hope it only multiplies from here on out.


trinity-pup said...

fallen star - thank you so much for returning... your candle is burning brightly :-)

Beau - just brilliant! Glad You like the pics.

brooke - thank you sweetie, lets hope huh?! :-)

t. x