Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Shining Light

i thought i'd add a shining light to my blog, as well to help lift myself from the darkness (and i can see some light now), so here's another fabulous photo of my favourite (and gorgeous) Suicide Girl, Quinne.


Anonymous said...

dear sweet trinity-pup,
I am no longer connected. I have detached myself from my blog and my real world. If you lived around the corner, I would ask you to spend the night with me; that is kind of crazy given you and I exist only within the ethereal world of dreams.
I will miss the essence of you.

beau said...

What a delightful shining light.

I'm so pleased you can see some light now.

Yes, Quine looks as if she could be such fun.

Can we share her dear t? What a deliciously depraved time we could all have together!!!!

B xx

trinity-pup said...

Well i've already shared her with Another (in my mind anyway!)... but am sure she could be persuaded once again... ;-)

It's a lovely light she shines too.

t. x

beau said...

Why not tell us of your sharing of her with Another - from your mind ...

I will look at her again to see the lovely light she shines!

B xxxxxxxxxx

trinity-pup said...

It sounds like a good idea to me... watch this space!!

t. x