Saturday, May 12, 2007


Fear - it's a strange and powerful emotion.

We all have to experience fear in our lives in one way or another. It can take the form of a phobia, such as a fear of flying or spiders - a fear that's always been there. It can be the result of a traumatic experience which blocks out our ways of thinking and feeling. We can also be fearful of the unknown, something we haven't yet experienced and with that comes the worry of "what if...?"

The way we handle fear is different for everyone. For some of us, it means to run away, to hide, to retreat and find our comfort zone once again. Others see fear as a challenge and will face it full on, grab it by its' horns and turn it on its' head. We may also react in different ways with each experience that causes us fear. Throughout our lives, we learn to adapt and find new coping mechanisms.

A certain amount of fear is necessary and healthy. Fear can question and stimulate us, but it can also force us into dark places and wreak havoc with our minds. On a positive note, fear can keep us on the edge and focused. It reminds us that we are alive.

One thing we should all remember is that no-one is truly fearless.


Anonymous said...

Health issues have offered me a new fear. After allowing this darkness to bathe the otherwise tranquil regions of my spirit, I am forcefully moving it aside. When it surfaces, I focus my thoughts on those I love and the beauty within my world.
Less delicately I am saying, as I once did within the boxing ring, "Fuck fear!"

beau said...

Fear can be exciting ...

within limits.

Without limits ...

fear can destroy.

B xx