Friday, March 02, 2007

Shiny Happy People....and Cars

i've got a thing for the Mazda MX-5 (having owned one for the last 8 years) and so the latest advert, featuring the new folding hard-top, has really caught my eye and imagination! Not sure if it's the car, the woman's shiny pvc outfit or the suggestion of something more, but i like it!

Zoom zoom... ;-)


beau said...

Are they the ones with a rotary engine that doesn't work?

(PS Love the woman in leathers ...

though if I have to buy a Mazda to get her I'm not so sure!)


B xxxx

trinity-pup said...

Hehehe i don't think so!

She's pretty cool huh? ;-)

but...what about buying it for me...?

t. x

beau said...

"but...what about buying it for me...?"

Ah I see!

Using your wiles to try to get me to buy you expensive gifts ...

There could be a punishment for that!

(Or I could pop out to buy a lottery ticket ...)

B xx

trinity-pup said...

"There could be a punishment for that!"

i'll take my chances! :-)

Good luck with the numbers...


beau said...

If I buy the car do I get the woman in the leathers?

B xx

trinity-pup said...

i'll see if she's available.

If not...will a sub-stitute do??!



beau said...

I think you're trying to use your wiles again to get me to buy the car ...

In any case I might need more evidence of the credentials of the sub-stitute!

B xx