Sunday, March 11, 2007


i've got a thing about bows.

To me, they have to look exactly right.

i find i can never tie them in the correct way.

Maybe i should always ask someone to tie them for me...



Photography of Perry Gallagher


beau said...

It is a beautiful phptograph and I spent some time investigating similar ones to illustrate an earlier post of mine.

But ...

there is something in me very queasy.

I find the piercing of flesh difficult and whilst so delightfully erotic part of me is still repulsed ...

(Yes I know I'm just so vanilla ... !!!)

B xx

trinity-pup said...

i know exactly what You mean about feeling queasy with this type of body art.

'Ordinary' body piercings i can handle, but the type depicted here is not something i could contemplate! i just really liked the photo.



beau said...

It's much nicer than most I had found. (Some where there was the obvious soreness associated with the piercing and blood visible turned me off.) But this one is very erotic. Pure fantasy.