Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tight Fit

Wanted to share my latest outfit with you.

What do you think... is it me?? Or does it need to be tighter? ;-)

Monday, March 26, 2007


Another offering from Perry Gallagher photography.

For me, this image gives a feeling of anticipation...which is never a bad thing!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Being there...

Can you take my hand and hold it in mine?

Can you hold me and tell me it's going to be alright?

It's a day like today that makes me ask these things.

Being there for someone ... and i am.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


There's something rather sexy about wearing fishnets...


Another fabulous website, as recommended to me by Beau (thank You again!), is Lithium Picnic. It features Apnea, an ex Suicide Girl model, with images to suit most tastes, as long as they are dark! ;-)

This has to be one of my favourites, entitled "Tethered" ...

Friday, March 16, 2007

Sunday, March 11, 2007


i've got a thing about bows.

To me, they have to look exactly right.

i find i can never tie them in the correct way.

Maybe i should always ask someone to tie them for me...



Photography of Perry Gallagher


This is Tess. The latest addition to High Gloss Dolls, a site that Beau introduced me to when he included it in his blog.

Somehow i think he'll be approving of her...

Monday, March 05, 2007

A Good Slut

i stand before You, naked but for a thick leather collar and You instruct me to get into the shower. You take my hands above my head, producing a pair of steel handcuffs and cuff them to the rail of the shower unit. Turning on the jets of water, i feel the rush of ice cold against my skin and jerk in response, catching my breath with the sensations coursing through my body. You stand and watch for a few moments, smiling and admiring, seeing my nipples harden. You tell me to keep still but it is difficult and the weight of Your hand slaps me across my thighs as i fail to comply.

Naked also, and increasing the water’s temperature, You join me under the shower. Your hands trace across my face, down my neck and to my breasts. Circling around my nipples slowly, i gasp and You order me to be quiet. Suddenly You are pinching and twisting them hard in Your fingers and i hold back the urge to make any sound. You see my discomfort and take delight in it. You then release them and You hear me sigh gently but surely, and see me looking down at my swollen nipples.

Wandering hands continue down to my hips then down further towards my sex, but then You stop and i feel You stroking my short pubic hair which has started to come through. Standing behind me, You reach for a razor and some shaving cream, smoothing it across me, holding my body close to You. You tell me to keep as still as possible, as You begin to shave me with delicate but deft strokes. i feel Your hardness pressed against my bottom. You take Your time over shaving me, and then feel the water rushing down over my sex, feeling ever more naked before You.

Your hands smooth across my newly shaven skin, then work their way down to my clit. You rest a finger against it, whilst stroking my outer labia with Your other hand. i weaken under Your touch and You smile once more, watching my expressions. Your finger teases my clit slowly at first then with faster strokes, You hear my breath quicken and feel my heart race. You then delve a couple of fingers inside me, as You continue to torment my clit. Two fingers, three.....then four......and i know You are impressed after all the work i have put into making that happen. i gasp loudly as i feel Your fourth finger fill me and You tell me to hush. Your throbbing hard member continues to kneed my ass cheeks, teasing me. my clit burns under Your fingers' work and i feel myself building to a climax, but then You stop as You realise that i am close, and I know You will not let me come.....not just yet...

You move in closer to uncuff my hands from the rail and press Yourself up against my sex, lingering for a second, feeling Your breath in my ear as You bring my arms down and lead me out of the shower. You stand before me and dry me with a towel, concentrating on massaging my breasts and sex, before attaching a lead to my collar and on all fours, leading me to the bedroom.

On the bed is an outfit which You instruct me to put on. i dress in a tight black pvc corset, which You pull tight so my breasts are almost brimming over the top, along with a very short black pvc flared mini skirt, complete with fishnet stockings, suspenders and some shiny 4 inch stilettos. You admire Your slutty sub as she sits on the edge of the bed, legs spread, with her sex bare and on display for You.

Standing over me, Your legs widening my legs further, You stroke the insides of my thighs under my skirt and tell me how slutty i look. Your hands trace up my body, over my hips and up the corset to my breasts and You lift them out from the top of it, so they hang over the edge. You squeeze and pinch them hard, making my nipples erect again, teasing them for a few moments. i feel myself so very wet now and in need of release, but i know i have to wait.....

You tell me to kneel over the edge of the bed, lifting my skirt up to expose my bottom, and place my hands on the bed out in front of me. i hear You walk away for a minute and return. i feel something brush against my bottom and then THHWAAAAAAACK...... You use a large flogger against it. i cry out in surprise and pain, but You order me to be silent. You flog me several times across my bottom and thighs and i try to suppress my cries, the pain sears through me and then subsides. Pleased with Your work, You run your fingers over the deep welts on my body. Your fingers gently stroking each one, as i try to calm myself inside. You quieten me by stroking my hair, telling me i'm a good girl, a good slut.

Kneeling behind me, i feel Your hard member against my bottom, You take my hands and place them high up behind my back and bind them together with rope, running it around my neck and shoulders. You place a spreader bar on my ankles, which spreads my legs and at the same time, lifts my skirt up to expose my sex. i then feel a soft blindfold cover my eyes and i gasp as the darkness comes and again You tell me to keep quiet. But as an extra measure, i feel hard metal against my lips and You tell me to open my mouth as You place a pony bit gag on me, making it fit tightly. As i realise, i begin to struggle as my first reaction, and You slap me hard across my bottom, which brings me to a halt. The welts burn once again as a reminder. You step back to look at Your so very restrained pony slut sub and smile.

You straddle me from behind and Your hands go beneath my body to grope my breasts. I feel Your fingers pinch my nipples and my wet sex now drips down my thighs and on the edge of the bed. I feel Your breath against my ear as You whisper “look at my slut, so helpless, so submissive, such a dirty whore.” Your hard member then begins to slide into my wet sex, slowly but surely, pushing deeper and deeper. I try to cry out but You bring a hand up over my gagged mouth to silence me further. You hold me there for a second, motionless, pinning my upper body down, Your member throbbing hard inside of me. Slowly You withdraw almost completely, then suddenly thrust into me again with force and You feel my silent cry in Your hand.

You repeat this action a few times before continuing to thrust methodically and relentlessly, and i can feel You building up inside me. i resist again from climaxing as You have taught me, but I can feel I am very close, so close now. Seconds later, I feel You explode into an enormous climax, hear You cry out and then collapse on top of me for a few minutes to rest. You turn me over and push me to the floor on to my side. Standing over me, as i lie still blindfolded, tied and gagged, I feel Your cum dripping across my body. Four fingers then suddenly delve into my gushing sex, as You rub my clit into a frenzy and only seconds later, You allow me my delicious and overwhelming climax.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Shiny Happy People....and Cars

i've got a thing for the Mazda MX-5 (having owned one for the last 8 years) and so the latest advert, featuring the new folding hard-top, has really caught my eye and imagination! Not sure if it's the car, the woman's shiny pvc outfit or the suggestion of something more, but i like it!

Zoom zoom... ;-)