Tuesday, January 09, 2007

my Favourite Things

i'm sure these lists will be constantly added to in time...!

Sounds that evoke:
  • Rattling objects (usually metal!) i.e. keys, chains, handcuffs, collars, belts

  • Zips being unzipped...especially on boots

  • The swish of a riding crop

  • Running water of a shower

  • The command "Come Here..." (amongst others!)
Love the feeling of:
  • Cold metal on my skin

  • Hands around my neck or lifting of my chin

  • my leather collar and leash

  • my knee-length lace-up boots

  • Corsets pulling me in (Beau.....!)

  • The skintight feeling of latex

  • SHORT skirt, fishnets, suspenders and HIGH heels

  • Rope entwining my body


beau said...

Come here trinity.

I think I need to pull the laces on that corset just a little tighter ...

B xxxxxxxxxxxx

trinity-pup said...

Mmmmm....You are such a tease!!! ;-)

*walks slowly towards Him*

beau said...

*walks slowly towards Him*

... and I'm the tease????


B xxxxxxxx