Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Chair - 2 (His words)

The Chair - 1 (my words)

The second part of the short story:

she remained tied to the chair, body quivering and twitching as the final ripples of her climax flowed through her body leaving her skin pinked. He walked around her whispering praise and kind words, 'young sub of mine you have done well, I am pleased with you. you came when I asked and not before. I admire your control, but in your control I see the potential for rebellion, don't let Me see it again'.

Silence fell upon the room, and she lifted her head to listen for him. 'Keep your head down girl' He boomed at her, making her body flinch and fight momentarily against the ropes. He smiled, 'there's nothing to be afraid of My sub, nothing at all. I treasure you and no harm will come to you under My watch'.

Slowly she dropped her chin to her chest, as she heard His footsteps again. Now He was beside her, His hands now around her neck firmly but without real pressure. Upon command she opened her mouth, and accepted the two fingers He pressed against her lips. Whispering quietly He told her to lick them, suck them and taste herself on His fingers. Hungrily she lapped at His fingers, enjoying the intimacy once more. Reaching down with the other hand He tightened the clamps by half a turn causing her to involuntarily bite on His fingers. Pulling them roughly from her mouth He laughed, she had done what He expected. She shyed back in the chair wondering what was coming. But hearing the smile in His voice she relaxed. He was playing.

Releasing the clamps now He massaged her swollen nipples, gently at first and then slowly getting harder and harder, stretching them out. she bit her lip, controlling her voice holding it back. He lent in once more, and said 'no little subbie, let Me hear you, let Me hear your pleasure'.

The burning sensation of his rough hands pulling at her nipples, stretching them out, teasing them, toying with them. She lent back into the chair pulling her body back against the pull of His hands accentuating the pain and pleasure.

He bent down, moving his hands away and replacing them with an eager mouth. Lips and teeth began the game again, freeing His fingers to toy over the rest of her soft and supple body.

His hands caressed her, tracing elaborate patterns over her now sensitive and flushed skin. She felt Him reach behind her, loosening her bonds - legs first, followed by the binding holding her wrists to the chair. Lifting her from the chair she felt His skin for the first time. The cool skin of His torso pressing against her own. she curled around Him trying to get as close as she could to her Master.

Putting her down onto a bed, He lifted her blindfold, and smiled at her. Speaking quietly but firmly He simply said, 'I want you to look at My eyes... Do not break contact. If I look away, you are to continue looking to My eyes', she held His gaze and simply nodded. He looped the rope from around one of her wrists pinning the other underneath her. Roughly spreading her legs, instructing her to hold them open.
Looking down he could see her swollen sex, still wet from their earlier endeavours. Pleased that she was clean shaven as His rules dictated, He placed her hand upon her sex. Looking deep into her now playful eyes, He instructed her to pleasure herself.

After a few nervous moments she realised that there was no trap, and began gently tracing her fingers in and out of the soft folds of her pussy. He adjusted himself to better watch her hand at work, her chest rising and falling with the increased sensations, and her face and eyes telling the truth of deep pleasure.

'you are to have more My sub' he said, and kneeling beside her, freed her other hand, placing a discrete toy into it and indicating for her to use it.

As He moved she felt his cock, hard and firm brush against her. Smiling to herself, she pushed the toy deeper.

Fixing His left hand into her hair, He lifted her head a little, bringing it nearer to him. His other hand guided his now rigid manhood into her mouth. Matching the strokes of the toy in and out of her sex, He began to feed himself deeper into her mouth. Eyes locked throughout he quickened the pace, pushing her head faster and faster.

her cries muffled by Him inside her, her hands now working in a blur. He held her gaze, seeing she was holding it all back holding her pleasure in. He withdrew from her mouth but she begged her Master not to stop. He grinned, looking at her shaking body, admiring her desire to please Him, and spoke... 'cum for Me then My sub, let it come from within and let Me hear the full force of it'. He placed her head back on the bed, and began to pleasure Himself in time with her. Urging her to work the toy harder and deeper, she got lost in His words, lost in the desire to show Him her obedience, she moaned and cried out, begging for more of Him, begging for release. He broke her gaze admiring her soft and delicate form laid out before Him, nipples hard and swollen, her pussy wet and hungry, the lips swollen and stretched around the toy, and her face contorted with pleasure.

He turned back, 'Open your mouth My sub and taste your Master once more'. This pushed her beyond control, as He slipped His cock back into her mouth, she erupted in a loud outburst of pleasure, her climax hitting hard and deep. her loud outburst pushed Him beyond control, and with a loud animal grunt His orgasm exploded from Him. She clamped her mouth around Him, hungrily sucking at His manhood, swallowing His cum where she could, the rest covering her chin and face, eye contact unbroken.

As T\they lay there, gasping for air, bodies quivering from the intense activity, she licked her lips savouring the last taste of her Master. Remembering her place she began to slip away from Him to her spot on the floor beside His bed. Sensing her movement, He firmed His grip on her, whispering 'you are to stay beside your Master for now My obedient sub. Stay close, and gather warmth from Me'. He placed His hand on the back of her neck, with a firm but sensitive grip, and she drifted off safe in her Masters grip.

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