Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Whether you pass by occasionally, have just stumbled across me, or you've become a regular reader, i need to say a big "thank Y/you". Thanks for helping me through and for taking the time to read (maybe just perv!) at my pictures, stories and thoughts, as well as leaving such wonderful comments.

Special thank Y/yous to those who i've had the pleasure of meeting in Real Life (which does exist!), and to those who i plan to in the near future. Yes, there are a handful (Y/you know who You are!) who i have shared a drink and a chat with. i truly hope O/our friendships continue and grow stronger.

If you've kept up with me since last December, Y/you'll have read it's been quite a year for me. Full of ups and downs, i called it a roller coaster ride because that's exactly how it's felt. i've experienced many new things (including pain in more ways than one) and have learned a lot more about myself. i also know a little more about what i need, i feel excited and hopeful for the coming year.

So it has been quite a journey and maybe not the one i would have chosen. As this year ends, i find myself single, unowned and still searching. i am looking to the New Year to bring better times, new friendships and new experiences, all encompassing a deeper exploration of my submission.

i truly hope that 2008 brings Y/you everything that Y/you wish for. Be safe and be happy - but more importantly, just be.

i wish Y/you A/all a very happy New Year!


Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hope Is A Glowing Ember

The glowing embers of the fire
light up His face, as He looks down upon her.

Kneeling naked and bound before Him,
He slowly strokes her hair,
gently caresses her cheek,
then grips her chin to hold her gaze.

Smiling into her eyes, He says:

"you'll be safe... soon enough, little one.
Wait a little longer. Time will make things right.
you need to have faith and hope."

He softly kisses her head, then motions with His hand.
Smiling back at Him, she curls up at His feet.
she closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep.

He smiles once again and watches over her.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

"Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse..."

... or a sub sleeping soundly in her cage... (but that's just wishful thinking!)
Wishing a Merry Christmas to Y/you A/all!

Here's hoping it brings Y/you much happiness and remember, it's not about how many presents Y/you get or how much was spent - it's who Y/you share this special time with.

Have a great and safe time.

love trinity-pup

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Absent Friends

i hope you enjoyd my party... i guess the hangovers are pretty bad, as i still have a few comments to wait for!! (Or maybe you're all just too shy!)

On a serious note, i wanted to toast absent friends and hope that they are all well, wherever they may be at this time. i hope they can turn up next year!

Of special mention are:

brooke of Puppy Tales - miss you lots my sweet and just hope all improves for you. you really deserve so much more in life and i only wish that very soon it turns into a fabulous future.

Roper of English Gentleman - i know you are still in touch and i thank you for your goodwill message. i really hope things keep improving for you.

Fallen Star - another wonderful blogger friend, who's blog is no more, but is now back in touch, which is so cool (thank you!). i am sending you lots of happiness and luck for the coming new year.

ronjazz - i know that you are making your way back to your blog and that life sounds like it's really great now - i am so very happy for you! Looking forward to reading you again.

i have my fingers crossed for you all. This last year seems to have been quite a whirlwind and hopefully next year can be a more settled one, but i know we can't forget how unpredictable life is, it throws many things at us.

Let's hope we have the strength, courage, spirit and not forgetting some luck, to make it a better year for us all.

Friday, December 21, 2007

A Thong For A Party

and the first thing you see she's wearing...

her new lace-up boots...

moving up...

her sexy black thong...

up further...

her sheer top...

come closer...

stripey sub...

and closer still...

mmmm... something shiney in there...

It's Almost Time...

Footsteps can be heard from the hall...

trinity-pup is on her way!

trinity-pup is a YEAR old!!! (Get the party started...!)

Come on in.... the party has officially begun!!!

The cocktails are being shaken, the nibbles are being served.

The music of Cafe Del Mar (any requests?) is playing in the background and the leather sofas look inviting.

It's time to celebrate a WHOLE YEAR of trinity-pup's blog and if Y/you've never visited her before, please do introduce Y/yourself, don't be shy.

The party should be in full swing later on ... when the hostess will be making her appearance...

So start enjoying!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


The latest High Gloss Doll is Koneko... she has such a pretty face and i can just her being welcomed at the Okiya - a place i have (as yet) to visit. i am sure Takumi would take a shine to her....

The image below makes wearing of a hood rather sexy... i think the picture is very appealing ... the background and her pose. Perhaps it may give me some inspiration for my own party outfit ... ;-)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Another stimulating image... (the chain looks very similar to my own!)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Wish List

Something to add to my wish list...

how awesome is this...?

Saturday, December 08, 2007


image from

i spotted this image on the blog of Atlanta Bondage and thought i'd just "borrow" it. i hope He doesn't mind... ;-) i just love the whole look and feel... so arousing is the sight of the chain hanging from her collar.

The following two images are from deviantART:

Would love to wear something like this...

Black Velvet

Dancing has never looked so good...

The Charleston

Monday, December 03, 2007

Hold me

Wrap me in Your arms
and hold me tight

Keep me close to You
and never let me go

Caress my silken skin
and nuzzle my slender neck

As You whisper in my ear:

"My Slut..."

Saturday, December 01, 2007

English Gentleman

The blogging community is shocked once again to learn of another dear friend withdrawing their blog (all for good reason i have to add)... i'm so very sad to hear that the English Gentleman is no more.

It had only been within the last few months that i discovered dear Roper's place and i enjoyed reading his vignettes, his thoughts and opinions. i confess to lurking for some time before leaving any comments and then gradually he became a good friend. i have to thank him so much for helping me through my bad times not so long ago. If you're still reading me Roper, you truly helped me a lot - thank you! i would also add that i am very proud to have written a post relating about you somewhere on my blog, but i'll leave it for my dear readers to guess on which it might be.

Gonna miss you dear Roper.... but i know you won't be far away. Sending you my dearest wishes and hopes that you may return one day.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

sub Enough?

Do you have an inclination for BDSM?
created with
You scored as Submission

It feels good to serve. A lack of control in the bedroom can be fun and relaxing. Being with a dominate person wouldn't be a bad idea.













Exhibitionism and Voyeurism




Vanilla Sex




Hmmm interesting... but that 7% Domination is intriguing me...!

Monday, November 19, 2007

At His Feet

In this cold weather... I shall have you at My feet.

you will kneel, hands cuffed behind your back prostate forwards with your head on My feet. For now you will be naked, the room is warm. Should it chill further I shall ensure you feel some heat....

No Entry

... if only i could remember my password...

Friday, November 16, 2007


He said:

Finger fuck your sex for Me this evening. Kneel as if to be fucked from behind and reach between your thighs and ram home two, then three fingers rapidly. Imagine My cock dribbling pre-cum onto your fingers assisting your wetness ... the tip then tracing around your asshole... your cheeks pulled wide apart with rough hands.

It is time you were properly slutty for Me trinity. One evening soon you will play to My command on the telephone.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We Need "Puppy Tales" Back!!

i am very distressed :-(

my wonderful puppy friend's blog is no more (for now) and i don't understand why, so i'm starting this "petition" to see if we can bring Brooke's Puppy Tales back. It was brilliant, funny, so touching, so many things to so many - i know it means a lot to all of us .... and i can't live without it!

Please help me in this good cause.... we need to keep our "community" together! Leave your pleading comment and hopefully somehow we can see the return of Brooke's brilliant blog.

Thank you.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wanted: D/s Soulmate

It's no secret from reading my blog, i am searching for my D/s soulmate. It's been a couple of months since any D/s interaction and i do miss it, but aside from that, i miss the whole relationship thing - the intimacy, the romance and the "being there" for someone. i thought i had found something special, not so long ago, but it just wasn't meant to be. i don't think i'm asking for the world in my search. i am trying to narrow down the fundamentals to my quest, so here's my list (so far!):

Brown eyes (well no... blue, green, hazel, or whatever would be just fine)
6ft+ tall (actually the same height is great... i'm 5ft 8)
Good build (OK... just not too overweight!)

Takes charge, i mean really takes control, who knows their own mind and enjoys their Dominance without being egotistical about it, as well as knowing that it's not something to play at.

Interlinks their vanilla world with D/s, who knows that their underlying role is as a Dominant, blending it into their day to day life. Able to make me feel very protected, supported and guided, when needed.

Mentally strong, but also able to show their human side. Have a great understanding of emotions and know when to show theirs, without losing face or feeling that it might be seen as a weakness. We should never forget that we are all human.

Well anything D/s, but especially bondage (that includes chains!), sensory deprivation, humiliation, pain play (although i am still working out my threshold which was extensively stretched (read here), enjoys roleplaying and owns a cage or is interested in getting one... (a huge curiosity of mine!).

Am i being too expectant.... too demanding? i'd like to think not, but i do feel like i'm in the wilderness at the moment. i know i am in a strong position (i'd like to think) and have so much to give. Maybe i'm too picky, but i'm also a submissive searching for her D/s soulmate...

Friday, November 09, 2007

Nature's Power

Having nothing to do with the usual theme of my blog, this incredible image from the BBC website (one of the largest broadcasting corporations in the world) really captured me. It shows the sheer force of nature, following recent fears of the biggest tidal surge in the UK for 50 years. Luckily the waters were lower than predicted and there was no major damage.

But this image makes me realise, no matter how much you think you are protected, whatever your situation is, however you see life, nature is not a force to be reckoned with. There's not a lot you can do when faced with this kind of power.

i guess it's what you could call Total Power Exchange... you see, D/s does come into it somewhere.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


This song has been haunting me for some time. It's by a band called Motorcycle, featured on a Gabriel & Dresden compilation album "Bloom" in 2004. If you can find it, have a listen, as it's beautiful. Vocals are by Jes who has since made her own album "Disconnect" earlier this year and is recommended too.
Enjoy your imagination...

i can tell in your eyes exactly where you go
cos i have been to every distant constellation
to see you again

in the world of my mind
there's nothing i wouldn't do
to cast away

i know it's like a trip for me too far
moving forward, faster
into my imagination
let it run away with me
you know your love is perfect like the stars
when we're together
here in my imagination
let it run away with me, away with me

with every thought our journey begins again
and we will go on chasing the endless spots of creation
that hold me for hours

there's a rising sun along the dark horizon
as I'm driving through the flow of the rain

i know it's like a trip for me too far
moving forward, faster
into my imagination
let it run away with me
you know your love is perfect like the stars
when we're together
here in my imagination
let it run away with me, away with me

away with me, away with me,
away with me, away with me,
away wïth me.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Seems that Kylie's been following my blog (i wish!) and decided to try out some ropes of her own.

i'm all for female bonding...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Well i think she looks a bit vampish...

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Ok i admit, i was feeling pretty horny this weekend... nothing wrong in that i know, but i hadn't felt that needy for a while... so what's a pup on heat meant to do?

As sad as it sounds, my chains that gave me so much excitement to purchase, written about in an earlier post, have laid almost untouched since, so it was really time to have some fun! It was time to head to Chainland - a more hard-core variation of Wonderland.

The pictures tell the story of how in need i was for some form of restraint (not that it goes away for long!). Feeling the cold metal against my skin certainly added another element to it (anyone noticed that Winter is on its way?). i am sure you'll see where the bigger black chain was rubbing against... mmmm... before running up my back and over my shoulders to my front. Linking into this was the silver chain which was subsequently attached to my wrist cuffs, completing the feeling of restraint as far as i could, without endangering myself.

i would like to add that i am fully aware of the limitations and dangers of self-bondage, to just reassure all those who may worry for me. True, it would have been fantastic to have had a helping hand but hey, sometimes it doesn't matter how you got there...

Needless to say, i was pretty juicy in quite a short space of time, as any form of restraint gets me going big time. With the addition of my collar, a very simple black leather one from a pet shop bought sometime ago, i was lying in my bed enjoying my physical and mental state of submission... even if it was all just for me... it was good! i hope you enjoy the pics.

Now... where's that black chain heading...?


down my back...

Friday, October 26, 2007


Keira Knightley is the new face of Coco Chanel...

The bowler hat is a nice addition... but wouldn't it look better on her head? ;-)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Yearning to belong
Craving to be owned
Aching to be used
Begging to be touched

Looking towards a brighter horizon
i can see a glimpse
i know it's there somewhere
i hope it finds me soon

Friday, October 19, 2007

In The Country

pup's taking some time out in the country this weekend (all purely vanilla!), so you'll find the key in its usual spot, feed my cat and leave the place tidy.

i might even have some more news on the "curiosity" story on my return...(it all depends on brooke!)

Have a great and safe weekend.

t. x

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Curiouser and Curiouser... said trinity

i got this mail from (miss) brooke yesterday:


Will you be my pet?


(miss) brooke's Master wants her to have a pet - someone she can 'top'. she want's it to be me, i was top of her list!!! :-o Sure i am flattered but i am thinking all sorts at the moment. i wonder how He wants it all to work. Does it mean i am owned? Am i shared? Who do i play with?

she is looking to arrange a time when the three of U/us can chat, so questions can be answered... and i have so many questions! This pup is getting ever curious...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Refreshing Times

W/we met in a London bar. He was already there and smiled warmly when He saw me.

W/we had a really good chat, full of D/s topics as well as vanilla. During conversation, He admired my tattoo and ran His fingers over it. i found i couldn't stop smiling as He did so and was probably blushing, so he continued a little more. His hand moved up and quickly gripped my hair, holding my head back momentarily. He told me how He remembered reading a comment i left on another blog recently on how much i liked having my hair pulled. i do believe i was still smiling but also felt a little submissive, if only for a few seconds.

W/we left the bar and parted company at the end of the street, but not before He told me "I'm going to kiss you now". i mumbled "erm... ok" before He moved in to give me the softest kiss...

my drinks with a Dom was over... for now...

Saturday, October 13, 2007


(Another gem of an image from a Google search...)

All the excitement and the anticipation of forthcoming events was getting me all "worked up" today as i lay in the bath. This happens to be one of my favourite places where i usually feel aroused, coupled with the fact that it was Saturday afternoon - the time and day of the week i usually feel at my horniest too. i've never been able to put my finger on why (or maybe two), but that's not to say i can't at any other times either!

Just this time i was good and refrained (i was going out... well there's always time later... and now i've seen brooke's pic!), but it's a curiosity i'd like to hear your views on.

Do you have a particular day or time, maybe a favourite place too (when you find yourself alone), that you feel at your horniest and why?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Pup Wanted

i decided to Google the words "in demand" to see what pictures it came up with and found this image... thought it was hilarious (and maybe appropriate!) The following post should help to make sense of the reason behind it!

A whole week since i last wrote but i've now recovered from the champagne hangover! i'm back with all the latest news... and this pup is "in demand"!

Firstly, i've received great support and advice from my fellow blogger friends (thank you once again), following all my stresses of the past weeks and from this, one Dom in particular has been of real help and support (i won't mention Him as a show of respect - i don't know if He would like to be named, but He knows who He is!). He asked if i'd like to meet up for drinks and i;ve said yes. So i have "drinks with a Dom" on the horizon.

Secondly, i read a recent post of brooke's about taboos and something she can't share at the moment. She also mentions how her Master started training her to be "bi". This is something i know she has mentioned in a previous post. i know it's something she isn't sure about, she certainly likes men, but as it's for her Master, what's a girl to do?! Then somewhere in this later post, she mentions my name but doesn't say yet! (Here's a "hi" back brooke!)

All i can share at this moment in time is that she mailed asking me to invite her Master to read my blog, in addition to sending Him a photo of me too... *gulp!* (and not anything rude either!) So i am thinking all sorts! i am yet to hear back from Him. brooke is keen to see my photo (don't get too excited hun - and i want to see yours!) but all of this intrigues me as to what He is thinking .... i hope all will become clearer soon! So watch this space!

Now... sit! ;-)

Thursday, October 04, 2007


"Table For One" - Jack Vettriano

Set the fireworks off, light the candles on the cake and pop that cork ... not for my birthday... but for my 100th blog post!

Now i know you're all thinking "that's nothing!", but i am feeling rather proud of the fact that i've come this far in just 9 months, it seems so much longer. i hope you've enjoyed what you've read here and i'd love to know what your favourites have been (if any!), so please let me know! What would you like to see more of too (and don't say my bottom!).

So a new month begins (you know how much i hated the last) and with it brings new experiences, new friends to meet and hopefully more fun!

i also need to say a huge thank you to all who keep reading and leaving such wonderful comments - they truly mean so much.

So raise a glass and let's celebrate the future together. Cheers! (or should that be bottoms up?!)

Monday, October 01, 2007

In The Morning...

Wake me with Your kisses
Make me feel Your lips on mine

Wake me with Your touch
Make me tingle as Your fingers explore

Wake me with Your voice
Make me quiver as You whisper in my ear

Wake me with Your body
Make me whimper as You thrust deep inside

Wake me...
Make me...
Take me.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wake me Up When September Ends

It's been one hell of a month - a rollercoaster ride full of ups and downs, so this song title, which happens to be a fab rockin' track by Green Day, seems so very appropriate right now.

i'll be under my duvet if you need me...

... but if you really need me, let me know...

At Your Disposal

Tie my bonds tighter...
Leave rope marks that will last...
Spread my legs wider with the bar...
Tease and torment me...
Stroke and strike my flesh...
Watch the expressions on my face...
As i feel my pleasure building...
And know i am about to explode...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


my bottom has healed... the marks have disappeared as if they were never there... isn't the human body amazing?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

This Woman's Work

Pray God you can cope.
i stand outside this woman's work,
This woman's world.
Ooh, it's hard on the man,
Now his part is over.
Now starts the craft of the father.

i know you have a little life in you yet.
i know you have a lot of strength left.
i know you have a little life in you yet.
i know you have a lot of strength left.

i should be crying, but i just can't let it show.
i should be hoping, but i can't stop thinking

Of all the things i should've said,
That i never said.
All the things we should've done,
That we never did.
All the things I should've given,
But i didn't.

Oh, darling, make it go,
Make it go away.

Give me these moments back.
Give them back to me.
Give me that little kiss.
Give me your hand.

(i know you have a little life in you yet.
i know you have a lot of strength left.
i know you have a little life in you yet.
i know you have a lot of strength left.)

i should be crying, but i just can't let it show.
i should be hoping, but i can't stop thinking

Of all the things we should've said,
That were never said.
All the things we should've done,
That we never did.
All the things that you needed from me.
All the things that you wanted for me.
All the things that i should've given,
But i didn't.

Oh, darling, make it go away.
Just make it go away now.

Lyrics by Kate Bush

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

On The Edge

On the edge of pain, on the edge of pleasure,
it's an exquisite blend of sensations,
and i'm there because of You.

Holding me close to ease the torment,
releasing me as i cum for You,
watching me fly as subspace takes over,
You keep me on the edge.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


i wanted to share another picture from the 'Thrashed' weekend. Along with the marks to my bottom, this is just above my left hip, which i believe was the result of a lot of squirming and His cane. His target is usually my bottom cheeks but as you can imagine, with all my movement, i received this too.

For whatever reason and i'm really not sure why, it's become one of my favourite images. i've been tracing my finger over this mark all week and even now, as it slowly fades, i haven't stopped looking at it.

So here it is immortalised:

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Firstly, i have to say thank you to my friends for comments to the pre-play post, am not sure if it really saved me from much, as He was in "thrashing mood" anyway, but special thanks goes to Dark Pixie who was there with the first comment!

So the night continued... a few experiences i want to share:

Still in the hallway and wearing jeans (as instructed), He undid my belt and pulled it sharply from my waist. Folding it over in His hand and smiling, He began to slap it against His hand, getting harder each time which made me wince a little. He said He liked the sound it made. i knew what was to come and the thought of being hit by my own belt was rather a strange and curious feeling. i have a thing for belts, just can't explain why. Making me bend over, He ran His fingers sharply down my back and told me He had been growing his nails. It was an incredibly hard pain and i winced each time He 'clawed' at me. Then He undid my jeans and let them drop to my ankles. He gave me a few strokes of the belt fairly hard to warm my cheeks.

Whilst still bent over, He placed the belt along my back, telling me not to let it fall to the floor, else He would use it on me again harder. From behind, He reached inside my panties to check my already wet pussy. His fingers made me melt and i felt myself swaying, just before hearing the "clink" of the belt as it fell to the floor. He asked me to pick it up and pass it to Him, before He gave a few more swipes. That was just the warm-up...

He warmed my cheeks further with His hands, through my jeans, by having me kneel on a chair with my hands on the floor, a very vulnerable position to be in and one which He had great delight in telling me so. Sitting back in the chair, He placed the belt around my neck, pulled it so tightly that i could hardly catch my breath and held it there before slapping my face. The feeling of something around my neck is a very powerful one and it makes me feel very submissive. He could tell, as He asked me "you like that, don't you? I can tell how you enjoy this control". All i could do was nod as He kept the belt tight on my neck. He certainly felt very much in control, as He then pulled me up from the chair and lead me into His bedroom.

Blindfold time again and the fear that comes with it, of having no sense of what is coming next. It's such an intense thing. He had told me earlier it was going to be a night of lighter toys which would be given in faster strokes. To begin with He gave me 50 hand slaps, making me count each one out loud backwards, as well as saying "Thank You Sir" for every one. His slaps got progressively quicker but somehow i managed to keep up. i had impressed Him for now...

The next toy He used was to be the cane, which He told me i was to receive 30 strokes in total, but would be given 5 at a time, in different positions. He said "you will count backwards, with each 5 counted out loud." Each batch of 5 became progressively stingier, as He made me change to different positions, but He allowed me to use the Hitachi wand in between to help the pain dissipate into pleasure. i remember pressing it against my pussy harder and harder with the increasing number of strokes to melt the pain away. He gave me an additional 2 strokes for all the squirming!

Before the final 5, He mentioned He had lit a candle earlier (not that i'd been able to tell from the blindfold). He poured hot wax down my bottom cheeks and tops of my thighs, accompanied by the screaming pain that coursed through me for a few seconds. It was then time for Him to flick the wax off with the last cane strokes, which He seemed to delight in, showering my body with flakes of hardened wax (which i was still picking off my body the next day).

There were several other implements He used on me, one of which i know (since He showed me afterwards) to be a spatula (well He is a chef!) and it was rather painful! i also recall Him placing nipple clips on me, something i have never really experienced before and their gradual pulling sensation only increased the wetness of my pussy. Along with these were some rather intriguing suction cups which He placed at various points on my back and told me to keep very still. They felt really strange as they pulled my skin at different points of my back, but it felt a good sensation. Through most of this time, He kept the belt around my neck, reminding me of His control.

From all of this, along with the moment when one of the nipple clips spun off (or He pulled it off, i'm not sure which, but it hurt like fuck!), He rewarded me with lots of hugs and caresses, followed by the Hitachi and His fingers delving into my ass and pussy. Reaching in deep to locate my g-spot, He brought me to the edge and over it with several tingling orgasms. It was an extremely pleasurable end to the night (thank You again Gavin!).

He teased me that i would be woken in the morning with some bottom slapping, but He (thankfully) changed His mind as i was pretty sore and took mercy on me. Instead He soothed cream into my reddened bottom, but not before writing this along my leg, which He seems to enjoy calling me (and i admit to rather liking it too). A caring Dom is there somewhere inside... never far away.

Again i have to say (sorry if i am getting repetitive!) that it is all rather surreal to think back and realise all what i have experienced so far and how limits are able to be stretched in time. i have gone through so much more than i thought i could already. i know it has only been a very short while and some of You who read my blog (and i do so thank Y/you A/all) are probably surprised, even a little shocked, at the intensity of my play. There are some images i have not wanted to share for good reason - that's my prerogative and it's my blog. For me, it's a journey of exploration, curiosity, excitement, fear and happiness, along with so many other feelings i'm sure. For now, i can say that i am enjoying the path that i am on.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Private Eyes

Before i post the latest weekend's news (yes it's coming!), i have decided, with some regret, to make my blog available to invited readers only (my dearest friends!).

It's not something i wanted to do, but a recent event has more or less forced me to do this. Without going into more details, i hope Y/you can understand and continue to enjoy all that Y/you read here, as much as i love writing for it.

It's nice to have Y/your company. Can i just have a few hugs too please...?


Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Story So Far...

Before entering His flat, He sends me the following instruction:

"I require you to touch your pussy for 5 mins once you have parked your car outside My flat. I will be watching you..."

Doing as i was told albeit feeling somewhat self-conscious, i kept looking around to see if anyone else was about. i saw Him standing at His flat window observing. Carrying out His instruction, the next one was to be at His front door within 1 minute. i ran from the car to make it in time. Walking up the infamous stairs to His flat tonight, seeing the door ajar, took me right back to my feelings of last weekend and they all descended upon me again.

Standing in His hall, He observes me and asks how my pussy is, before taking my wet finger into His mouth and sucking on it. i couldn't stop smiling.

Well i have about 30 or so seconds to post what i've written, so more later...!

Seconds Out, Round Three...

Date: Saturday 8 September 2007
Time: 7pm
Venue: His residence
Agenda: His Own

Can you hear a bell ringing....?

This is just a forewarning, in case i need your help again... nobody leave town! ;-)


i crept over to check Beau's blog (He's back - finally!) and was delighted to see His latest post, a very erotic image of Maggie Gyllenhaal! Phew how HOT is that?! i absolutely loved her in Secretary (recommended viewing!) and as the new face for Agent Provocateur, it seems the perfect move for her. She has such class and an air about her. So i felt the need to post another delicious photo of her here, although i have to say my favourite so far is the one Beau posted!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking

His further instructions were sent via text later on Saturday, which were:

"On your arrival into My flat, providing you are on time, you will close the door and stand in front of the mirror and place your blindfold on yourself. you will then await further instruction. Once your blindfold is on securely, you will place your hands on your head whilst waiting for Me. During all this time you are not permitted to speak until I break your vow of silence."

It was 3.57pm as i made my way up the stairs to His flat. As i stood just a few feet away, i could see the door ajar, ready for me to enter. But not before 4pm and within 30 seconds of it, else i would receive a dragon caning in an instant. From somewhere inside the flat, i could hear the loud ticking of a clock. With my heart racing, my phone in hand constantly checking the time, it was 3.59pm... and then He sent another text:

"When you think it is 4pm, you may walk straight in, close the door and continue your instructions". i managed to read it just before it turned 4pm. i counted to about 5 in my head to (hopefully!) cover myself, certainly not wanting to leave it any longer. i walked into the flat and followed His instructions.

Standing in front of the mirror, blindfolded, hands on my head, i could feel myself quivering, my breath quickened ever more, my heart rate had gone through the roof. Chill-out music began playing in the living room. i wondered how long He might leave me there, how would He begin things, was He watching me already? my mind was all over the place and i tried to stop thinking so much.

A few minutes later and i suddenly felt something brush my right elbow, ever so lightly as if i hadn't felt it. i didn't flinch but caught my breath as i knew "this is it...". Another brush to my left elbow, then gradually randomly touching other parts of my body. my pussy was getting increasingly wet, especially as He had told me not to wear any panties. It was a first for me to go out without wearing any and on the journey from home, using public transport, i felt rather vulnerable. At times i thought everyone could tell just by the look on my face. He told me He was impressed with my time-keeping and the fact that i had escaped any canings... well for now at least... He mocked.

He walked around me to check my attire, ticking off one by one the items He had asked me to wear. He liked my new shoes (though i had said they had 3.5 inch heel but i didn't know for sure) and He actually went to get a tape measure to check... and i was wrong. He "let me off" because He liked them so much. Lifting my skirt to view my stockings and suspender belt, He spanked my cheeks and ran His finger across my pussy. Pleased to see how wet i was already, He placed it against my mouth and told me to lick it off. He reminded me that He could either be gentle or forceful with me, that it was up to Him and He would decide. Pushing me against a wall with my face pressed to it and kicking my feet apart to spread my legs, He pressed up close to me. i was shaking and pretty scared by now. Lifting up my skirt, He held me against the wall with one hand and spanked me a few more times.

That was just the beginning and kept blindfolded through most of it, the evening became another incredible mix of pain, torment, fear and pleasure. From more spankings over His knee, He made me cum again as He fingered both my ass and pussy which was an amazing sensation of pleasure.

Bending over a table He delighted in assaulting my already rosy bottom, with his belt, whips and canes, including the dragon, intertwined with the wonderfully teasing hitachi wand... the delicious torment continued and i even cried for Him. i don't know where they came from, but at one point, tears were suddenly taking me over. They gave me such a sweet release, it was quite surreal. At the time i felt silly for doing so, before He wrapped His arms around me and held me close and made things feel alright.

So enough details, these pictures should help in using your imagination:

In the middle of O/our play, He got me to write the previous post and thought it would make it more fun by adding in the 'leave a comment... or else' element. After some more play (as well as not telling me what the time was), He told me W/we should check to see how many comments i had received... i sat in dismay at not getting any! (thanks guys!). He was then able to goad me about caning me awake in the morning and how much He would look forward to it... i was dreading it.

In the morning, He gently stirred me from my sleep with some playful teasing of my pussy, before warming my bottom up with some spanking, which then only lead to one more thing... a dragon caning of 6 strokes. There was to be some pleasure added in though, as He made me hold the hitachi wand with attachment inside my pussy first. He also told me if i wanted to cum, i had to ask Him for permission. Somehow (but am not sure how), i made it to 6 strokes and my bottom was pretty damn sore. Then i heard Him say "and now number 7..." and as i questioned Him, He told me He was giving me one more "just because He wanted to". So in the end, i endured 7 strokes. Being so aroused from the wand, i came so quickly after, having firstly asked for permission.

He soothed my sore bottom with cream, before spanking me again and fingered both my ass and pussy. As He did so, He told me if i wanted to cum again, the deal was 2 strokes of the dragon cane first. i felt close to another climax but knew i couldn't stand being caned any further, so i declined His very generous offer. i held onto the pleasure of my first orgasm tightly in my mind.

i have to say it was a pretty intense time and certainly realised that i was able to take even more this time. my bottom certainly told me so!

Saturday, September 01, 2007


It's half-time at playtime (i've now been fed!) and i have been requested to share this photo with you. It was taken during the start of the fear (and what a fear it was!), right after i was slapped across the face, as He liked my expression.

Enjoy... and i'll get back on the pitch. Whilst i'm typing this, He's spanking my pussy and thighs, so i'm squirming in my seat (sorry for any errors!).

Oh and one other thing, as well as the caning i am due to get tonight without fail, i need to receive at least 1 comment to this post by 9.45pm, else i will be caned awake tomorrow... (eek!)

Instructions And Discipline

O/our chat tonight (late Fri night, as it's now very early Sat morn!) centred on how i was feeling ahead of O/our playtime and giving me the instructions below. He also gave me several scenarios of what could happen, but not necessarily will happen. The fear was building inside me.

He has given me the following instructions (so far) for the forthcoming playtime:
  1. Bring a blindfold, or something that can act as one, and some rope
  2. Bring your white lace panties... in your bag (eek!)
  3. Be at My door at 4pm sharp - within 30 seconds either way (any later and He told me i will get 4 hard and fast dragon canings instantly)
  4. Await further instructions when you arrive
  5. More instructions will be sent in the morning

Your attire will be as follows:
  • Black heels
  • Black stockings
  • Black suspender belt
  • White bra
  • Black pleated skirt
  • Red/Black Chinese style top
Having been told not to play with myself all week, as W/we talked, He let me put my finger against my clit and then inside me. After each command He gives me, i must reply "yes Gavin". Losing myself with the pleasurable feeling of touching down there again, He instructed me to push my fingers deeper inside. Wanting to feel more, i pushed them in further, before He said my name sternly, prompting me to reply and i quickly did so. He asked me to tell Him truthfully if i had pushed my fingers in before i had replied. i couldn't lie and admitted i had... not good. He was very displeased.

Him: "Stand up and take down your combats and pants" i complied. "When I give you a command, you reply "yes Gavin" - understood?"

me: "Yes Gavin"

Him: "As I am not there to give you them, you're going to discipline yourself. Firstly, I want you to give your bare right cheek 5 hard slaps and I want to hear each one. Afterwards I want you to ask Me if I am satisfied with them, OK? Now go"

i administered 5 hard slaps to my right cheek and asked Him if He was satisfied. He said He couldn't hear them very well (the phone line was a bit dicey) but somewhere in between Him originally telling me i was then going to give myself another 20 hard slaps, He increased the number to 30 and to count each one out loud, then ask Him if He was satisfied. He said if He felt that some were not good enough, He would subtract them from the 30, tell me the number He was happy with, for me to add on any additional slaps and count them out, in order to make it back up to 30.

So there i stood, naked from the waist down, counting out the slaps, my hand was burning red when i made it to 30. Asking Him if He was satisfied, He told me 28 were OK and so i counted out another 2 slaps (i think i did well!).

Him: "How do You feel now?"

me: "silly and ashamed that i didn't reply when You gave me a command"

Him: "I think this is something you should write about in your blog"

So i can say i do feel ashamed, i know i need to try much harder and this will serve as a lesson to me.

Tomorrow is here (i must get to bed now) ... O/our playtime is on it's way... i know i have do much better than this... i know His dragon cane awaits...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Here Comes The Fear...

It's begun...

the anticipation...

the nervousness...

the excitement...

... all leading to more playtime this weekend.

Am i ready?

Am i willing?

Am i scared?

Am i happy?

... i'm all of these things... and more...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Va Va Vivian

Oooh la la... the newest High Gloss Doll is Vivian...

Which reminds me... i need to get myself a latex suspender belt...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

150 Strokes Later...

At the time of writing (well since last Sunday), i have been experiencing a sore bottom once again

This time, it’s the consequence of receiving a combination of 150 strokes by hand and various floggers, crops and canes. So for your delight, let me explain further...

At the weekend, i had the opportunity, and privilege i must say, of playing with a Dom, zigzag12, who i have been occasionally mailing this year and which has now become a newly formed friendship. He offered to play on a casual basis and so invited me to taste His mixture of pain and pleasure... and what an awesome experience it was!

So here are the snippets (with some details), along with photos. As you can see, the purple underwear (my bra and suspender belt) made its debut appearance, along with a pair of my favourite lace panties and fishnets, all underneath a black pleated skirt and black/white top.

There are 2 scenes that i want to share:

On The Sofa Counting Game

W/we began by Him motioning to me to lay across His lap, face down with my skirt lifted up, panties on, with my arms stretched out in front of me. One hand wandered across my (then) pale skinned bottom and He began to slap it - just small little slaps at first, not very stingy, but somehow they got stingier. His other hand rested against the outside of my panties to my already-moist pussy. He told me He was going to give me 10 slaps on each cheek and to count them out loud. OK...easy enough i thought, i've read about this so many times... and oh my gosh... i lost count! "How many was that?" He asked. With the sting increasing, i was focusing on the pain and not much else. i think i replied "5?" to which He said "it was actually 6, but I'll carry on from 5" and so gave me one extra (very kind of Him!). i think i lost count a couple of times and actually realised how difficult it is.

Having pinked most of my bottom at this point, as i was wearing my lace panties which are like shorts (pic explains!), He lifted up my panties to the tops of my cheeks and... ta dah!... He said He had found "more white bits that needed to be warmed up". He told me to place my hands on my bottom to feel how warm it was already. As i did so, He thought it was a good time to tie my wrists together with some rope, and so bound them together with my elbows kept bent, just above my bottom. Then He was ready to finish off by giving me 10 hard and quick slaps on each cheek. Ouchey!!! (He counted them out this time). His fingers underneath me had slid inside my panties and begun lightly stroking the wetness of my lips. By the end, the whole sofa scene worked out to be around 50 hand slaps.

With my head swirling by now, He helped me to my feet and untied me. After ensuring that i was OK and holding me for a few minutes as my head stopped spinning, He pulled me by my hair (quite yummy!) to stand in the middle of the room. He stood looking at me before walking behind me. He asked me to keep my skirt lifted up and slapped my bottom a few more times, in between running His hand over my pussy. He came to stand so very close beside me and grabbing my hair, moved in to kiss me, but He teased at it at times and bit my lip and tongue instead (which was just so incredibly arousing).

The Bedroom, His Toys and His Canes…

Holding onto my hair, He marched me through to His bedroom and had me stand by the bed. He then brought out His toys, one by one, showing me what each one was, before placing them on the bed. There was a whole array of floggers, slappy and spikey things, a cool looking feathery thing, some suction cups, a riding crop, two dressage whips and His collection of canes... and a Hitachi wand! It was all very impressive, scary and exciting at the same time! i can say that my heart was racing! The spikey thing was returned to the drawer (and i was quite relieved). He first showed me how the suction things worked, by placing one on my chest and pumping it up, making the skin rise up inside, from the vacuum, creating a weird tight pulling sensation.

It was then time to play and He asked me to pick a toy. He told me He'd be using them all on me... gulp!

i picked a double tailed whip and then He asked me to pick the next toy, which was the pinwheel (very scary to me and wanted to get it out of the way). After making me kneel on the bed away from Him, He placed it in front of me so i could focus on what was coming next. As i lifted my skirt, i already felt a little nervous. And so it began... the whip was rather stingy and continued to pink my cheeks rather nicely, although quite a stingy pain which didn’t last too long.

The pinwheel was a mixture of scariness and pleasure as He gently moved across my newly marked bottom, then pushed it in deeper to my skin for me to get a different effect (i think i got it!), but i have to say it's not a favourite! (i had better watch what i say i think though). Following this, He asked me if it was OK to remove my panties down to my thighs, to which i agreed and He also unclipped the back of my suspenders too.

It’s ironic that i own a riding crop, something I bought a fair time ago, and that i’ve never experienced any use from it yet. So i selected the crop next which made a rather wonderful swishy noise. Before using it on me, He wanted to show me the difference in pain between the tassle and the shaft. The tassle was more of a tappy pain which didn’t last long and the shaft was more of a quick sting. By this point, they were all merging into one and my head was buzzing into subspace.

Next choice was a slappy thing - a large guillotine cutter pad (no not the blade!) which delivered a fair whack i have to say. If i remember correctly, i received about 10 of them, with the final one administered by Him at full thwack! (pic below depicts the marks it left - the large square outlines!) i remember moving about quite a lot from it and He kept telling me to get back into position on my hands and knees. He told me to place my hands on my bottom and feel how warm it was… now that W/we were HALFWAY through (i wondered if i had heard that right!).

With each toy, He kept encouraging and praising me, telling me how well i was taking it and how impressed He was. i remember Him saying "your ass is just asking to be spanked, it's just so fucking spankable!". It made me smile, even giggle through the pain and He'd watch me, pull my hair and slap my bottom with His hand to help provoke me more…it worked!

Another slappy toy was next… a plastic paint stirrer with holes in it which caused a fairly sharp pain. Each toy was building ever more on the pain i had just experienced.

i think it was after this, that He wanted me to experience the Hitachi wand as it was, with no attachments (although He had a couple) and began to run it over my cheeks, then down the insides of my thighs (wow!) and pressed it against my incredibly wet pussy. The sensations it caused were just amazing and my body was shaking with pleasure. i had never felt anything like it, vibrator-wise and that was just on the low setting! my whole body seemed to be tingling now and i think He then began to run his fingers across my pussy, teasingly and gradually I could feel them delving inside me, then deeper still until He was pressing right up against a place which just sent me going wild. i remember thrashing about on the bed, but He wasn’t pulling back and continued pushing me, and i realised He was going to make me cum for the first time and He did, i think i was just so amazed. It can take me a long time to climax, sometimes i can’t unless i’ve got the “controls”, so to speak, and can find it really hard in someone else’s presence. But there i was, feeling it wash over me and i could feel my whole body calm and i lay there looking at Him, in such happiness. i remember saying “can You see me on the ceiling?” i felt that good! So here's me on the ceiling...

i don’t think it was long before He told me it was time to experience His canes… and then explained how each would feel. There was some fear in my mind, wondering just how much more i could take and stunned at what i had been put through already. Junior felt stingy but was short lived, Senior was even stingier (a cane i’ve experienced before) and then the Dragon (shudder).

Each cane became an increasingly stingier affair and He used them all, each in turn - Junior, Senior and Dragon on my already so-reddened and lump-ridden bottom, creating some deep welts and causing me a lot of pain and pleasure along with it. Using the Dragon, He made me bend over more to expose my bottom cheeks and the pain was something else! Well…words escape me!! i remember curling up into a ball at times. In all of this, i have to say i found myself rather surprised to have become so wet and aroused from the pain i was experiencing.

In between the caning, He started the Hitachi wand again, this time with the duck attachment (well it looked like a duck), pushing it inside me and around my pussy and i wondered if i might come again. He told me to hold the wand in position inside me, before realising He was going to carry on caning me! Experiencing such pain to my bottom mixed with the pleasure of the wand was truly awesome and i think He gave me about 30 strokes in total with the 3 canes. This is my duly caned ass, i thought it looked so much better visually in black and white (except the pain wasn't!):

It was during the caning, as i writhed from the ever-increasing pain, He asked me “So are you a screamer…do you scream?” i remember looking at Him and shaking my head. Sure, i’ve whimpered and i’ve moaned (usually with pleasure!) but not really anything else. i wasn’t sure if i could actually scream out loud (but then realised that’s what He probably wanted from me).

Some time earlier He had asked me if i wanted some candle light in the room. i’d say yes and it was now He wanted me to experience some wax-play (no the penny didn’t drop). This is something i am new to and telling me to keep very still, He dripped the wax down my cheeks, the hot sensation followed by hot pain made me tingle. It was such a weird thing. He admired the dried wax on my cheeks and was picking off some of the wax that had fallen onto the bed, before saying “I’ll have to get that wax flicked off now” and for a second i thought He meant the wax on the bed, and then watched as He got the whip back out of the drawer and smiled! So He proceeded to flick the wax off my bottom using the whip which was pretty different (and painful!).

Lying there on my side, i was feeling very sore, but on such a high and smiling at Him. He went to get some cream to soothe my bottom and began to rub it into my skin. It felt so heavenly and sensual and after concentrating on my bottom, i could feel His fingers running down to my pussy to push His fingers inside me again, deeper and deeper to find that place once more. He looked back at me, observing my face, taking in all of the different emotions i was experiencing. His fingers deep now, i could feel myself on the edge and i could sense He wanted to make me cum again and somehow, ever so quietly this time, my first g-spot orgasm took me over - my body was in complete stillness, my head was definitely somewhere else…

It was after this that He held me closely in His arms, i felt so safe and happy that i had impressed Him. It was a great feeling to know i’d given so much of myself so soon...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sugasm #92 (my story is under BDSM & Fetish!)

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Pink Dolls

Especially for my puppy sister, brooke, who says there's no pink latex on High Gloss Dolls. i think latex can be seen as much a Dominant's or Domme's outfit as a submissive's or slave's. For me, it's the feeling of being constrained, how it moulds to the skin, that appeals.

So just for you my dearest pup, i found these... (and not a bare bottom to be seen!) my favourite (although i do still hate the colour pink!) has to be the last image - which one is yours...?