Friday, December 29, 2006

The Chair - 1 (my words)

A two part short story i wrote in collaboration with Another:

He has her sitting spread-eagled. Each of her legs bound tightly with rope to the chair legs, her arms secured behind her over the back of the seat. He stands to look at her, staring into her green eyes and smiles. she is at His mercy, she can do nothing but look back at Him. But He doesn't want her to, she isn't worthy of that and He orders her to look down at the floor.

He walks around the back of her and slowly strokes her long hair. He proceeds to blindfold her with a scarf, pulling it tight around her eyes. she lets out a small gasp as her world darkens. His hands wander over her neck, shoulders, and slowly work their way down to her breasts. Another gasp from her and He tells her to be silent, covering her mouth with His hand for a few seconds. she obeys and His fingers continue to caress and then pinch her nipples hard, making them instantly erect. she breathes in deeply, pleasure building inside her, trying not to make another sound but it is difficult. her arousal is growing and He takes great delight in watching her respond.

her body tries to flex in the chair but her bonds restrict her from much movement. He can see that this denial gives her much satisfaction, as it does Him. she then feels something cold and hard on her nipples, with an increasing pressure and realises He has applied screw-on clamps, tightening them enough.... for now.....she lets out a small whimper, which she is instantly ashamed of. With this sound, comes His hand to her throat and He holds her in His grip, making her choke slightly. He tells her to apologise and lessens His hold when she complies, but warns her not to make another sound.she feels the clamps tighten more for her bad behaviour, pain now searing through her, but the excitement ever building in her crotch.

she feels herself becoming increasingly wet and there is nothing she can do, she is powerless. she feels His hands move further down her body, across her stomach, her slender hips and then reach their destination. she knew she was close to climax and it wouldn't take long once He touched her there...... but would He let her....?

His fingers tease at her wetness and her opening, long strokes followed by short and she feels herself floating. He continues to arouse, her nipples now feeling on fire from the increased tension as He tightens the clamps further. her body is His to do with as He pleases and He enjoys the scene before Him. He probes deeper inside her, methodically with 2 then 3 fingers and she writhes in the chair, pressing herself into His hand. He orders her to come and within seconds, she obeys and her body erupts and shakes uncontrollably before Him, and He looks on with great delight......


beau said...

What a delightfully erotic first story on your blog dear trinity.

I think I'm going to enjoy visiting.

Good luck with the blog.


B xxxx

His fucktoy said...

Well damn, that's hot!


me likes!!

trinity-pup said...

why thank you very much toy! it's a delight to know you're reading my blog :-)


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna enjoy gauging your reaction to my fingers ;) I wonder if you'll react the same way:)


Emma watson said...

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