Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Who's That Girl?

That'll be this girl... aka Mrs Feendish... who delighted SG and me with her presence again and stayed for a long weekend (without Grimly!).

Sadly, i didn't get to enjoy the whole weekend due to illness, but fun was had, especially by SG, who enjoyed another night at Rubber Revolution. 

You can read all about here:

(and just maybe He'll write His own post about it too, especially if you leave nice comments ;-) )

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Spank me Black And Red

So... this happened a few weeks ago.... 

... and it felt good! 

my new latex dress from Master SG. Had to christen it, didn't we? 😏 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

All About me

Looking back through my drafts folder, i found this and decided to update and post it. i can't remember whose blog i copied it from though (and would have been a few years ago now). Enjoy!

5 fascinating facts about me:

i have a nipple piercing and tattoo (both carried out in the same year - yes, i like pain!)
i can raise my eyebrows independently of each other (go on, you try it)
i have large big toes
i have owned a saxophone for 20 years, but have never learnt to play it
i have my very own puppy cage and i don't own a dog

Ten years ago i was:

In a relationship with a man AND a woman,
Searching for something more within a BDSM context
Wishing for a better sex life

7 things i plan to do before i die:

Visit more of America - especially Boston, NY, San Francisco and Canada
Return to New Zealand
Make enough money to do the above.
Write a book.
Have more kinky fun with females
Live by the sea
Learn to play my saxophone

7 things i do now:

Sleep (lots)!
Write for my blog (am trying!)
Masturbate in showers
Enjoy being wined and dined
People watch
Spend time with friends

7 things i won't do:

Wear my 5" heel PVC boots in public (unless at fetish club)
Eat anything cute and furry
Kill a spider
Wear a thong
Needle or knife play
Hurt an animal
Let my past haunt me

7 things that attract me to others:

A cute bum/breasts
Sense of humour
Gorgeous brown eyes
The ability to LISTEN
A sense of fun
Ability to take control (and preferably owns handcuffs).

i won't tag anyone here, but feel free to use it for your own post and amusement for others.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Cute Ass

Mmmm.... after all the rubber in my wardrobe, i still love these sexy knickers. What an ass! 😏 

Thursday, March 09, 2017

And We Shone

Finally.... i am blogging again, and i am going to divulge details of our fantastic night at Rubber Revolution 6 held in October.

Yes, i know it's five months ago and i didn't think i would post about it, but now i've witnessed the photos from the night, they sparked something inside me. And partly as Mrs Feendish (this girl) had thrown down the gauntlet a while ago now! And she decided to blog about it here.

i can say now this isn't a very detailed post, so don't get too excited!

To be at a club with the very sexy Mrs Feendish and Grimly, all dressed in rubber (i believe it was one of Grimly's first forays in rubber at a club) and to see the majority also dressed in rubber was very cool. We have been to several other club nights around the country and the number of rubber outfits has always been in the minority. So this was very refreshing. We saw some fantastic outfits.

The theme of the night was uniforms. And to see Grimly in rubber was a bonus! He looked quite evil in his surgical gown, gloves and gas mask. Mrs Feendish looked devine in her red/black catsuit and open faced hood with red ponytail. SG wore his classic black shirt and trousers with gas mask and i wore my new olive and red dress and gas mask.

We familiarised ourselves with the club to see what was going on. A big space downstairs with bar for mingling and chatting, with the upstairs dedicated to play, with a rope play area, various pieces of bondage furniture, and a cell...

We started off hanging out downstairs, admiring everyone's rubbery-ness. We were introduced to a few people throughout the night. The official club photographer appeared later and took our photos. And i think they're brilliant and capture the night so well. Credit for those to Zac Zenza.

After some socialising, Mrs Feendish decided it was time to get some play time in, so SG and i followed her upstairs. She headed for the cell which was surprisingly free. What i can remember after that is she wanted to hood SG and had brought a straitjacket and He allowed her to encase Him in it. We laid Him down on the cell bed and began to tease Him, and then each other. An amazing pocket rocket of a vibe may have been involved, and we all had some good fun. 

We chatted to a few more folk before heading downstairs to meet up with Grimly. As we were about to leave, we bumped into the delectable Dakota from Fetlife, who i've admired for a long time. It was so cool to meet her for real! She looked fantastic too. So that really topped my night.

It felt good to be back at a club, even more so in rubber, and enjoy the company of our rubbery friends too.

And news flash.... we are returning in April!

Here are those fantastic images:

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Missed me?

Well.... have you? 

Friday, February 03, 2017

i want...

i want to be fucked. 

i want to come. 

i want to be. 

Can i?

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Tonight We Shine

It's been a while....

SG and i have great pleasure in playing host to Grimly and the very sexy Mrs Feendish, formerly known as this girl, who have come over the border to see us this weekend. 

We are venturing to Rubber Revolution 6 tonight! This will be our first kinky night out in a looong time! i'm going to wear a new rubber dress that SG bought me that has yet to make it out of the wardrobe. Excited!! 

Tonight we shine, tonight we play... 

(Has anyone missed me?)

Monday, February 29, 2016

A Leap Day (To Remember)

Happy Leap Day!

It was eight years ago, but it seems like yesterday (well, today), when i took a huge leap of my own - a leap of faith - into the kinky world of a Dom named Singleglove.

If you'd like to reminisce, here's all three posts of what was an incredible start of our relationship, both physically and mentally, and in kink and vanilla worlds.

Enjoy. And remember, take that leap!

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